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We specialize in wholesale electricity price management and retail electricity distribution to the commercial, industrial and residential customers of Singapore. Our primary goal is to provide consistent and reliable electricity cost savings to businesses and households in Singapore

To achieve our goal, MyElectricity Pte Ltd will continue to strive to upgrade our services in order to satisfy our customers’ need and concerns, and thereby proposes the best electricity package for optimal return.

MyElectricity Pte Ltd has the extensive domain knowledge to propose the most cost- effective and flexible electricity package that suit the consumption pattern of our customers. Our solution offering is designed to serve customers from a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from small business retailers to large manufacturers. Our competitive edge lies in our ability to propose solutions that cater to the unique needs of each of our customers.

We know that running a company isn’t easy and keeping overheads low is an even greater challenge. That is why we are committed to helping our customers in not only to offer electricity package that suits their Electricity consumption pattern but also in advising them on the best energy-saving practices.

We position ourselves as an active player in the National Electricity Market of Singapore offering revolutionary and innovative electricity solutions that yield maximal benefits for energy consumers of Singapore.

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